Arched roof marquees

Learn more about our arched roof marquees

If you want to stand out during your events, opt for the purchase of a tent with innovative shapes.

Just like our classic reception tents, our arched roof structures come in a multitude of shapes, designs and combinations to offer a range of structures that can be precisely adapted to your needs, even the most demanding. Available for purchase in different shapes, our marquees come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3-5 metres to over 30 metres.

The difference with the reception tents is in the aesthetics and height of the tent. In contrast to a classic two-slope roof, the arched roof has a slight curve at the ridge height.
This plastic appearance emphasises the harmony of the structure, but also provides greater wind resistance. However, the ceiling height is slightly reduced.

As with our entire range of marquees, when you purchase, you will be offered several flooring options to cover your arched tent. A wooden floor, available in different colours, laid on aluminium and wooden bases, or completely in aluminium.

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions, our advisers will help you in your choice, according to your wishes and desires.