Double pitched pagoda roof marquees

About our double pitched pagoda roof marquees

Certainly the most atypical and unusual structure in our catalogue. The two-slope pagoda roof marquee has a structure combining a two-slope roof with a pagoda style roof.

A composition with a surprising aestheticism but which finds its interest in its capacity to be able to hang heavy suspensions (decoration, chandeliers, etc…), during ceremonies. In fact, just like the classic event marquee, the pagoda roof marquee can be used for events for wineries, farmhouses, companies or sports clubs that do not have a hard structure.

It can also be very useful at trade fairs and exhibitions, its aesthetics are eye-catching and its structure makes it possible to hang all kinds of merchandise to attract visitors.

With a width ranging from 10 to 20 meters, for heights ranging from 6 to 10 meters, the double pitched pagoda roof tents can be interlocked with others and reach unlimited lengths.

As with our entire range of tents, when you purchase, you will be offered several flooring options. A wooden floor, available in different colours, laid on aluminium and wooden bases, or completely in aluminium.