Star Tents

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Example of a star tent produced by LBR Structure according to current CTS standards.

Harmonious and imposing, the star tents will accommodate your guests, while bringing an original atmosphere to your gatherings.

Thanks to their open structure and resolutely turned towards the outside, the star tents appear as the ideal shelter for your sporting or cultural events, when the flow of people becomes important.
The positioning of the single central pole offers free movement under the tent and allows you to organise the decoration and layout according to your wishes.

Its original design catches the eye and holds the attention. A singularity that provides many possibilities of personalization for your private events. Another not insignificant aspect, for your commercial, sporting or cultural events, the star tent will be the perfect support for branding or sponsoring operations, elaborated with your partners.

Modern and very easy to set up, the star tents are sold for surfaces ranging from 10 to 17m and will protect you from the sun and rain in all circumstances.