Event tents

About our event tents

A real star of receptions, a tent is the ideal tool to structure your events. With an ease of application and elegance similar to pagodas, but with a larger capacity, the reception tent is perfectly suited to the world of events and hotels.

Thanks to its larger surface area, catering teams can use it to form their office for the catering of a large wedding.
When organising a concert or an open-air festival, the reception tent can house the VIP corner or simply a refreshment bar.

Wedding, communion, christening or garden party, there are also many opportunities to receive private guests in the garden or public park. When the surface area lends itself to it, it is more convivial to welcome people in its garden than in a room. It also avoids spending hours looking for the ideal location. The reception tent provides shelter for guests to protect themselves from the sun or rain. At the very least, it will serve as a storage area for drinks and food.