Hexagonal – Octagonal – Decagonal pagoda roof tents

About our Hexagonal, Octagonal and Decagonal pagoda roof tents

With its pointed roof, hexagonal or polygonal in shape, and its high ceiling height, the high peak polygon is a perfect mix between the pagoda and the polygon tent.
Thanks to this raised roof, the High Peak Polygon offers a spacious environment in terms of its diameter but also in terms of its dome height.

Offered in sizes from 3m to 15m in diameter, these tents can be coupled to access even larger areas. Thus, larger volumes can be achieved, depending on the formula you choose.

These large volumes offer a multitude of possibilities:

  • Campsites can use this protected space to offer a reception or catering area, instead of the more expensive hard-wall construction.
  • The high peak polygon tent is also very useful in the equestrian world. At grand prix events, these large, modular spaces can house a riding arena in which horses from a stud farm will be presented.
  • Finally, this hexagonal shelter finds all its interest in funfairs and other theme fairs. Fairgrounds can set up their rides there to protect them from the sun and rain, at a lower cost than metal barnums.