Polygonal structures

Example of a polygonal structure built by LBR Structure and installed on site in 2019.

Our polygonal (i.e. “polygonal shape”) marquees are available in a multitude of sizes up to 40 m wide. Available for purchase, they are distinguished by the polygonal shape of their roof.

The difference to standard two-slope party tents lies in the aesthetics and the height of the tent. In contrast to a conventional gable roof, the polygonal roof offers different ridge angle alternatives for large events with a large number of different roof pitches.

As with our entire range of tents, when you purchase your tent, you will be offered several flooring options to cover your dome. A wooden floor, available in different colours, laid on aluminium and wooden bases, or completely in aluminium.

Do not hesitate to ask us any questions, our advisers will help you in your choice, according to your desires and your needs.