Big-Event marquees

Find out more about our high-capacity tents

Like the event tents and the Big Dome tents, the Big-Event tent is part of the family of structures reserved for large events.

The special feature of this marquee is the design of its two-slope roof with side curves. This special feature allows the walls and roof to become one.

With a width of 20 to 40 meters, for heights ranging from 9 meters to 13.5 meters, the Big-Event tent can be interlocked with another and reach unlimited lengths. The perfect tent for sporting events requiring high ceilings (basketball, gymnastics, etc.).

Thanks to its large volumes, the Big-Event can be used as a second pitch if your club or municipality has to organize a temporary competition on a recurring basis (annual tournament, etc…). On a more permanent basis, it can also play the role of substitute ground during the refurbishment of a sports building (gymnasium / indoor tennis court, etc…).

If your company is often called upon to participate in trade shows or other commercial fairs, the Big-Event can also prove to be a very interesting structure.