Hexagonal – Octagonal – Decagonal flat roof tents

More about Hexagonal – Octagonal – Decagonal flat roof tents

Polygon tents offer an elegant design and provide more covered space than pagodas. Like pagodas, these octagonal tents are longer and more time-consuming to erect and are therefore more suitable for permanent applications.

With a central height varying from 3.65 metres to 4.05 metres, the polygonal tent can accommodate small rides during seasonal fairs. An economical and extremely sturdy solution to protect your attractions and your clientele durably in case of high heat or bad weather.

This permanent application can also be applied to the world of camping. If you wish to protect audiovisual equipment or store furniture during the summer season, the polygon is the ideal shelter for this purpose.

Our polygon models are available in formats of 6-8 metres or 10-12 metres and can be fitted with side walls made of solid glass or soft PVC.

Finally, when the walls of the polygon tent are removed, it is possible to house a washing station underneath the polygon tent at this great height. A quicker and less expensive installation than a solid roof, but which will ensure an effective protection of your self-service equipment.