Pagoda 9x9m

Pagoda of 8×8 meters. Couple several of these tents together and access larger areas such as 16x16m or 8x16m depending on the desired shape.

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Technical data

  • Width: 9m
  • Height dimension: 2.6m
  • Center height: 4.1m/6.2m
  • Roof pitch: 22°.
  • Length portion: 4.15m
  • Profile structure: 122mm x 68mm x 3mm
  • Pre-roof connection: Internal insertion of the eaves
  • Max. wind speed: 100 km/h
  • Wind resistance: 0.3 kN/m².
  • Floor option: Wood and steel flooring. Aluminum and wood or all-aluminum substructures.
  • Covering: Polyester textile 650-900g / m2 covered with PVC, flame retardant to DIN 4102 B1 M2